Saturday, July 27, 2013

Calling all the monsters

Once a year we splurge and take the littles to see a movie on the big screen.
They really wanted to see Monsters University.

Only monsters were allowed  to come to the Monsters University Cafeteria for dinner.

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Abra Cadabra

Miss Lily put on the cutest backyard Magic Show for us last week. She performed about
10 magic tricks from a little magic book she received from Christmas a couple years ago.
She did a really good job of amazing us with her tricks.  It was the perfect evening to a long
summer day  . . .

 Magic Potion
 Magic Wands

and of course a bag of
"Trix" from the magician


Wednesday, July 17, 2013


There's nothing like the summertime to bring cousins together

Independence Day 2013

The fourth of July started out with a "bang" this year but it wasn't fireworks.
Poor India fell out of the top bunkbed and faceplanted. Dad was at work, so we drove to Sandpoint for the kiddos to do their annual kiddie parade. India and I spent the morning at the ER getting her checked out while sweet Granpa tended the kiddos ,watching the parade with them. Luckily she only has a bad black eye and some nose abrasion, no head injury or eye damage- worried about oscular breakage.She's a little trooper-
Only snapped a couple of pics, usually get tons, I love the fourth of July!

District Champs

Austin loves baseball- it is his sport. Every summer he passes on the All Star opportunity because he thought it would consume his summer and not allow for family time. But when he found out it was only for a month and didn't include Sunday practices/ games he was all for it. He was voted onto the team as the youngest player on the team and has had a blast. They won districts and will be going to Southern Idaho to compete for state champions. Love to watch my "Babe Ruth" play!


Childhood is the world of miracle and wonder