Thursday, December 27, 2012

Fa la la la Finley

We can't wait for all the fun you'll bring next year.

Feeling Grinchy

On December 14, our hearts all stopped beating as we listened and processed the events at Sandy Hook Elementary. We imagined ourselves in the shoes of the parents who lost sweet children that day. We worried for the innocence of the survivors and the treacherous images and scenes they witnessed that day. For a week the stories and victims names were released. The tears continued to shed as we held our own sweet babies a little tighter.
A week after the event my heart was finally ready to take a breath again but then it coudln't because what seemed so far a way, soon hit home. Threats, hidden guns in schools, and the hype of December 21 were too much of a liability and so with the law enforecements strong recommendation my littles school was cancelled for Friday the 21st. They were so disappointed and upset. All the excitement and love they had put into preparing for their class Christmas parties. The decorations, planning, gifting, etc would be missed.
The morning of the 21st India came out of her bedroom hysterical because she had a dream that a bad man came to her school and shot her friends and teacher. I am afraid that the decision to cancel school caused more harm than good. It mentally shook the children and struck fear in them.
My kiddos were all feeling sad because of the "Grinch" in Connecticut. So we decided to try and shake of our sadness with a Grinch Night.
The girls dressed like citizens of Who-Ville

The boys painted their faces green and dressed like the Grinch

We had Who pudding and Roast Beef just as the Who's did

The kids wrapped eachother in wrapping paper like the Grinch wrapped Cindy Lou Who at the Post Office in the movie. Then we all settled in and watched "The Grinch"

Friday, December 21, 2012

Polar Express Pancakes and Pajamas

Oli wanted to have a playdate with some of his buddies- so we did a Polar Express afternoon. The kiddos arrived in their pjs and brought a pancake topping to share. Fun and easy afternoon of fun. I was surprised that about 5 of them hadn't seen the movie or read the book yet. We love the magic of Polar Express. We Believe


Our Polar Express Passengers:

Christmas Cheer

 Paisley visited the "Grandma and Grandpa's" at the local retirement home with her Joy School Buddies. We sang songs and made them Christmas cards.

Finley Elf Fun