Thursday, February 21, 2013


We spent the afternoon reflecting on our past (and present) presidents. Although our country isn't "perfect", we live in a favored land that offers so many blessed opportunities.

 Lincoln Hats
 George Washington Cheesecake
Lincoln Log Homes

 I could use a pet unicorn  . . . .

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

RAK Week

Random Acts of Kindness Week was February 11-15. What a perfect time of year to show friendship and love to a stranger or loved one. "Spread love everywhere you go, Let no one ever come to you without leaving happier"- Mother Teresa

 Love that egg cartons are the perfect size for mini cupcakes- perfect sweet to ding-dong ditch random neighbors with-
 Happy Artwork to brighten someones day that may be lonely or blue-

 My girlies and their fellow dancers spend hours each week at their ballet barres. Sometimes with only a couple of minutes for a quick shoe change, many rushing to dance after school without a snack and dancing up an appetite that has to subside until after dance- we left baskets of snacks around the studio for dancers to gobble up between classes-
In the end, only kindness truly matters. Go out there and find someone who needs a little kindess from you today.

Friday, February 15, 2013

Heart Day Scavenger Hunt

Behind the laundry room door they found their little Valentine treasures . . .

Be Mine

I love all the sappiness of Valentines Day. I love the simple homemade valentines, the commercialized little valentines, and of course the cheesy ones my littles pick to give their classmates

 Lily's Classlist:Ashtynn, Ashleigh,Ryvers, Gage, Angel, Violet, Shane, Alex, Kristen, Taya, Tyler J., Tyler M, Tyler P., Cassawndra, Lily, Wyatt, Laurel, Kaiden, Cassidy, Ayiana, Rachel, Travis, Peter, and Jared.

 Oliver's Classlist: Boys: Colby, Zeke, Jimmy, Kaileb, Logan, Oliver, Owen, RJ, Zayne Girls:  Addie, Amelia, Millie, Brooklynn, Danielle, Jill, Justice, Kayli, Shayla, Laya, and Versayas.
 India's Classlist:  Boys:Christian, Damian, Gauge, John, Ryan, Walker, Collin, Declan, Isaiah, Julian, Sam, Connor, Eli, Jacob, Kaleb, Sky Girls:Adriann, Aspen, Elizabeth, Lilly, Madison, Alexis, Bayley, India, and Madelyn.
 Paisley's Joyschool Buddies: Kenai, Corbin, Sean,Annika, Jenna, and Summer.
Oli got to tag-along to Paisley's Joyschool party and gave them all a rock valentine.

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Year of the Snake


This little lady's heart has so many places it wants to travel and see someday.  Places I wish, but can't take her to right now. So we try and bring the places to our home. She is intrigued by cultures.  She woke up Sunday morning knowing it was the Chinese New Year and put chopsticks in her and her sister's hair for the day. She helped plan a yummy spread of Chinese food for dinner too.  Hope your year is full of good fortune.

 Chinese new year "goody" bags-  Gummy Snakes, fortune cookies, Pocky Sticks (yummy), and  a little green for good fortune . . .

Austin's Chinese Drawing
(Horse and Strength)

Friday, February 8, 2013

Ahoy me "heart-ies"

To kick of the month of Love- we had a fun pirate night with my favorite
 I could search the world high and low and not find a treasure worth
more than the ones I have right here-
X marked the spot for the night of fun
My Heart-ies

 Glad he still hangs out with his crazy family and is a good sport for our silly family times

 Me  Mateys made pirate telescopes to get a better eye of their surroundings . . .

 We plundered the library for oodles of Pirate Books to read . .  I Spy Treasures is the definite favorite.
We did pirate arrrrrt

Me Heart-ies searched our island high and low for hidden treasure
(Rolos and Hershey Nuggets)
 Played Pirate games . . like sword fighting and pin the treasure on the map
And of course ate a treasure of Pirate Food


 (Chicken Wings)
 lots more fun to eat appetizers with swords ARRRR

And of course had to watch the best Pirate ever (in our opinion)