Friday, February 8, 2013

Ahoy me "heart-ies"

To kick of the month of Love- we had a fun pirate night with my favorite
 I could search the world high and low and not find a treasure worth
more than the ones I have right here-
X marked the spot for the night of fun
My Heart-ies

 Glad he still hangs out with his crazy family and is a good sport for our silly family times

 Me  Mateys made pirate telescopes to get a better eye of their surroundings . . .

 We plundered the library for oodles of Pirate Books to read . .  I Spy Treasures is the definite favorite.
We did pirate arrrrrt

Me Heart-ies searched our island high and low for hidden treasure
(Rolos and Hershey Nuggets)
 Played Pirate games . . like sword fighting and pin the treasure on the map
And of course ate a treasure of Pirate Food


 (Chicken Wings)
 lots more fun to eat appetizers with swords ARRRR

And of course had to watch the best Pirate ever (in our opinion)

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