Friday, February 28, 2014

Herbie Movie Night

Quick and easy home-made fun is our favorite.
Snowstorm outside calls for an
indoor drive-in movie night inside 
Put out some easy snacks
Motor Oil/antifreeze to drink ( root beer/Sprite)
Chex Mix ( nuts/bolts)
Kit Kats ( dipsticks)
Mini Chocolate Donuts ( spare tires)

The kiddos made cars out of boxes we had lying in the garage
and voila...throw in a "Herbie" movie and it's a fun night with
the littles at home.


With a large family there isn't such a thing as
"laundry day" everyday is laundry day



There's always a sinkful of dishes
 Somedays it feels like just when you finished cleaning up one
meal... it's time to prepare another
But I wouldn't trade it for the world....
because I know in the blink of an eye
it will all be outgrown and my heart
will yearn for it again.....

Beary Fun

We are getting tired of the winter "hibernating"... cabin fever is kicking in
with all the littles.  Spring will soon bloom but we had to think of some
"beary" fun things to do on Saturday to keep us from becoming grumpy grizzlies
 I love you beary much pancakes for breakfast

Indoor Teddy Bear Picnic
Teddy Bear Sandwiches
Teddy Graham Crackers
Sticks from the woods (pretzels)
Honey (apple juice)
Honey Graham Cereal
All the fuzzy critters were invited to
our Teddy Bear Picnic... the more the merrier

Thursday, February 27, 2014

100 days smarter

Hip Hip Hooray.... 100 days smarter
A fun day to celebrate
100th Day of School Breakfast
100th Day of School Lunch
String Cheese and crackers 100
Carrot Sticks and Cucumbers 100
You're one smart cookie
100 sandwich
100 Grand mini candybar
100% juice

Grateful for wonderful teachers who teach my
children everyday.

Let us Love Winter

Sometimes I think Mother Nature definitely has a  favorite.  Winter sure seems
to last longer than the other seasons.
 Although winter can feel long and depressing... we try to find delight

After school Snowman Snack

Sweet little Jolly Happy Soul

Melted Snowman Art
Cozy days inside doing lots of art.
Read "The Mitten" and painted with mittens who have lost their mates
Homemade Play dough is always a hit to pass the time
in the long winter days
There's nothing like a mountain of trees covered in snow

You really don't want to get in a snowball fight with these 3

Trips to the woods
Love to look for animal footprints in the snow
(and hope certain ones aren't close by watching us)

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Ahoy me "heart"ies Valentines

 Who wants to wait in line at a restaurant on Valentines day for 2 hours and then be rushed out so they can seat the masses waiting to eat when you can have a lot more fun at home and spend a lot less of that hard earned pirate gold...we had a pirate night dinner at home with the entire crew...

(blue juice)

Fish N' Chips
(gold fish crackers/ chips)

Grilled Parrot ( Chicken Wings)

Peg Legs (corn dogs)

Seaweed: Salad
Cannon Balls
( cheese balls)
Mom and Dad had the "Catch of the Day".... Salmon

Ahoy Me "Heart"ies Valentine Scavenger Hunt


We always send the kiddos on a scavenger hunt to find their Valentines from us..
Clue 1: You might play ducky here if you are lucky
Clue 2: So our food won't grow mold, this keeps it cold
Clue 3: Your next clue can be found in paper that comes in a roll
(paper towels)
Clue 4: Wow, you guys are awfully quick, find this clue with a double click
Clue 5: Plastic or glass I hold your drink to wash me out, use the sink
Clue 6: I love you from your toes to the top of your head, you will find the next clue under a _ _ _
Clue 7: I have a sound that goes beep and while the time I do keep, my main function involves heat
Clue 8: You put your clothes in here when they are wet, I will dry them for you, you bet
Clue 9: Don't you worry, don't you fear, clues will lead you to something good
Look where we store food

Packed with Love

Couldn't  resist packing a fun lunch for the kiddos on heart day