Thursday, March 21, 2013

IDC & Spotlight

It's dance competition season. All the long practices and work are going to be celebrated. They have competed at 2 competitions so far. IDC and Spotlight. The dance academy they attend is such a clean (modest clean), creative, and appropriate one that offers a high standard of dance. It's nice to watch your daughter perform on stage and not have to cringe or worry about inappopriate dance moves. Some academies grow these little girls up too quickly into little divas flaunting their stuff and we wonder why there is so many "issues" with our teen daughters.  India peforms a ballet as a butterfly, Lily does a slumber party piece, and India does a Jazz to an Audrey Hepburn montage that is priceless.   

Both competitions awarded the dances many awards including overall division winners- but I won't list all the awards here


I love the bond of brotherhood
(even if all their rough-housing and wrestling drives me up the wall)

Cute Chicks

They are so stinkin' cute when they are little chicks. Someday I hope we finally get our little farm we have always dreamed about and have a bunch of these sweet gals strutting around the yard.


Mother Nature sure has her favorite season- she just can't seem to give up Winter this year-

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

A wee bit of Irish celebrating

I have never seen a kiddo as determined as Mr. Oliver was this year to catch a leprechaun. He was sure that he was going to catch a little green fellow. He even looked up on the computer what they like to eat- potatoes. So he made them golden potatoes for his little trap.

 The little stinker left his footprints, but managed to escape the trap- Oliver was seriously shocked it didn't work- maybe next year little buddy.
 Bernard is the name of the Leprechaun who likes to visit the Keller home. He was a busy little rascal this year.
A little "peace" offering of green goodies from Bernard for all his mischief
 Bernard even left footprints all over John the Bearded Dragon's cage

"Pi" Day (3.14)

This little lady was thrilled to get pie for dessert just for the fun of it.

Sunday, March 10, 2013

Just What the Dr. Ordered

Cabin Fever called for a fun Dr. Day
 Keller Medical Center
 We played Operation

Had real patients check in to our hospital

Made Dr. Kits
Were Dr.s for the day

Practiced Surgery Skills

Ouch ABC's and 123's
Medicine Math

The Staff
Dr. Oliver and Paisley
learned about x-rays
 Went to the hospital cafeteria for lunch and ate with
the real doctors

Thursday, March 7, 2013

Happy Birthday Dr. Seuss

Happy Happy Birthday Dr. Seuss

Seussational Eats

Every year for Dr. Seuss's birthday we celebrate with a dinner of Green Eggs and Ham. I read the book to the littles at dinner. Oliver gets the giggles every year we do this. I was trying to think of a veggie to add this year and miss Lily thought of the broccoli trees.

 Lorax punch-yummy

 I found these dessert balls at Walmart- don't they look exactly like the flower that has the "speck" in Horton hears a who

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Dr. Seuss Spirit Week

We love the Seussational celebration our school has in honor of the magnificent Dr. Seuss the week of his birthday. What a wonderful world of words lessons he created with his books. Lessons for every age whether a toddler learning colors or one who has traveled the road a little farther and needs a little life lesson. What an inspiration to us all.

Wacky Wednesday

Layers of dress-up clothes. Mismatched socks, shoes, crazy hair, swimsuits in the winter, anything goes for Wacky Wednesday. It was Oli's first year and he wasn't too sure about all of this crazy business. He loves to be crazy at home, but was a little hesitant about it at school.

Crazy Hair Day
India wanted a butterfly garden

Lily wanted a "beehive"

Oliver's had green grass hair with lots of buggies

Hat Day