Thursday, March 21, 2013

IDC & Spotlight

It's dance competition season. All the long practices and work are going to be celebrated. They have competed at 2 competitions so far. IDC and Spotlight. The dance academy they attend is such a clean (modest clean), creative, and appropriate one that offers a high standard of dance. It's nice to watch your daughter perform on stage and not have to cringe or worry about inappopriate dance moves. Some academies grow these little girls up too quickly into little divas flaunting their stuff and we wonder why there is so many "issues" with our teen daughters.  India peforms a ballet as a butterfly, Lily does a slumber party piece, and India does a Jazz to an Audrey Hepburn montage that is priceless.   

Both competitions awarded the dances many awards including overall division winners- but I won't list all the awards here

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