Thursday, January 31, 2013

Sick Days

 Sick Days are full of Dr. visits, meds, chicken noodle soup, lysol, snuggles, and the best part . .  lots of rest-

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Road Rally Movie Night

We had a Road Rally Movie night. The kids designed their own cardboard cars. Some had seat belts, radios, door locks, bumper stickers, and gadgets. It's fun to see them create their own set of wheels. For refresshments they enjoyed Rust-eze Bumper Oil (Rootbeer), Mater's Taters (potato chips), and Luigi's tires (chocolate donuts). For dinner Lily made wheel-shaped pasta. We watched Mater's Tall Tales and Mickey's Road Rally. If only they could stay little and we could do this forever . .  . .

Big Brother Austin was at the Klondike Derby having "Spam" for dinner and freezing his tail off in the wet and cold


National Hug Day 2013

Friday, January 25, 2013

Sock Hop

The girlies went to a daddy-daughter 50's Sock Hop with daddy

Tuesday, January 22, 2013


Like many I wanted to "do" something, I felt heartbroken for the children and families of Sandy Hook Elementary. Such a dark and sinister act so close to Christmas. The only way to combat darkness is with light, bad is with good. Even the smallest act of kindness can stream a little light in goodness into the hardest of hearts. Ann Curry issued the perfect remedy. 26 acts of Kindness for each person who died on December 14. Something everyone can do no matter how old or young, no matter what abilities or finances, everyone can do a small act of service. Even if it's a 3-year old coloring 26 pictures to be given to hospital patients to brighten their day, or the diner who leaves a 100% tip for their server. Everyone can do something. Some of the acts were joyful and happy, some brought tears to our eyes, others were just plain sneaky and fun.
#1 In Memory of Charlotte Bacon age 6
Money for a Redbox movie
"For the movies they won't get to watch"
#2 In Memory of Daniel Barden, age 7
We were going to donate the toy to Toys for Tots but it had ended so Lily picked
a random mom in line at Walmart's checkout with her hands full and quickly handed her the toy and dashed away.
"For the toys they won't get to play with"
#3 In Memory of Olivia  Engel, Age 6
$ on the washing machine at the laundromat
"For the wash their momma's won't get to do"
#4 In Memory of Josephine Gay, Age 6
Gave the librarian money to pay someone's late fees
"For the books they won't get to read"
#5 In Memory of Noah, Age 6
$ for the horse ride at Walmart
"For the rides they won't enjoy"

#6 In Memory of Madeleine Hsu, age 6
we handed a little girl in the store parking lot a tutu
"For the dances she won't dance"

#7 In Memory of Catherine age 6
Left McDonalds giftcard with McDonalds clerk to buy the next kids happy meal
"For the Happy Meals they won't eat"

#8 In Memory of Chase age 7
left a dollar on the lottery machine
"For the good luck and fortunes they will not enjoy"

#9 In Memory of Jesse Lewis, age 6
left a dollar in the toy section of the dollar store
"For the pure joy of childhood they will not enjoy"
#10 In Memory of Ana Marquez Greene, age 6
gave the deli lady $ to buy the next 4 kiddos icecream cones
"for the yummy icecream cones they won't get to enjoy"

#11 In Memory of James Mattioli, age 6
gave a dad with a little girl in line at Subway $5 to buy her a subway
"who always asked his mommy how old he had to be to finally get a footlong sandwhich"
#12 In Memory of Grace McDonnel, age 7
donated money to the LDS Perpetual Education Fund
"For the education they will not receive"
#13 In Memory of Emilie Parker, age 6
left a bag of Hershey Kisses on a random car window
"For the kisses she will miss"

#14 In Memory of Jack Pinto, age 6
donated clothing to the Make-A-Wish Donation Location
"For the wishes they won't get to make"

#5 In Memory of Dylan Hockley, age 6
left money at the car vaccuum service
"For the cars they won't get to drive"
#16 In Memory of Caroline Previdi, age 6
$ on a bugjuice at the convenient store
"For the bug juice they won't get to enjoy"

#17 In Memory of Jessica Rekos, age 6
Oliver handed a little girl at Costco a coloring book/crayons
"For the art they won't do"

#18 In Memory of Arielle Richman
$ at the candy vending machine
"For the candy they won't eat"
#19 In Memory of Benjamin Wheeler
donated Cooties game to the toy drive
"For the bugs they won't catch"
#20 In Memory of Allison N. Wyatt, age 6
donated old towels and spent the afternoon playing with the Humane Society Animals
"For the Pets they won't have"
#21 In Memory of Rachel D' Avino age 29 teacher
Gave the Postmaster a letter with $ to put in a random PO Box
"For the mail they won't receive"

#22 In Memory of Dawn Hochsprung, 47 Principal
left free coffee and donut coupons at Krispy Kreme

#23 In Memory of Anne Marie Murphy, age 52 teacher
donated food to food bank
"For the meals they won't eat"

#24 In Memory of Lauren Rousseau, age 30 teacher
left money at newspaper machine
"for the news they won't read"
#25 In Memory of Mary Sherlach, age 56 School Pychologist
basket of baby items to those in need

#26 In Memory of Victoria Soto, teacher
left a flower on a car window in Walmart parking lot