Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Ahoy Me "Heart"ies Valentine Scavenger Hunt


We always send the kiddos on a scavenger hunt to find their Valentines from us..
Clue 1: You might play ducky here if you are lucky
Clue 2: So our food won't grow mold, this keeps it cold
Clue 3: Your next clue can be found in paper that comes in a roll
(paper towels)
Clue 4: Wow, you guys are awfully quick, find this clue with a double click
Clue 5: Plastic or glass I hold your drink to wash me out, use the sink
Clue 6: I love you from your toes to the top of your head, you will find the next clue under a _ _ _
Clue 7: I have a sound that goes beep and while the time I do keep, my main function involves heat
Clue 8: You put your clothes in here when they are wet, I will dry them for you, you bet
Clue 9: Don't you worry, don't you fear, clues will lead you to something good
Look where we store food

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