Saturday, December 8, 2012

The Tree

It started out so splendid. Oliver was so excited to go to the woods with dad to get our tree and to decorate it this year.
 But the tree has been knocked over ALOT- I think the branches are a little top heavy. And then little Rex can't keep his sweet little hands off the bottom third of the tree, so off goes the ornaments all over the house. So here is our lovely, tree. It doesn't matter how tall, how short, how wide, or how thin, what kind of tree Christopher picks out. They always end up being Charlie Brown trees. Lily went up the the woods with them to pick it out and when she got home and pulled it out of the van she said Uh-oh, it did look better in the woods dad. Sometimes I think my husband and his sense of humor do it on purpose every year just for the fun of it.
 It's a good thing the Christmas tree isn't what Christmas is all about- right Charlie Brown.


  1. Oh come on they always do look better until they come home. I think they are hilarious when they come home... I love you.