Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Santa Baby

 serious and studying SC this year

Had to sit on Old St. Nick's lap if you wanted the candy cane
"And who the heck are you suppose to be"

 Paisley was so funny. She sat on my lap as I took about 50 kids pictures with Santa.She cautiously watched and watched. She finally asked me what he was saying to them. I told her that he asks their name and what they want for Christmas. She decided that this was something she could muster the courage to take on. She sat on his lap and even smiled for my picture. Santa knew she was a tad nervous so he didn't ask her the questions, just snapped the picture and was ready for the next kiddo.

 A few moments later I hear her little voice behind me in distress saying
Lipstick, Lipstick, Lipstick.
I forgot to tell him what I want for Christmas. She reminded me of Ralphie after he blanked out on Santa's lap and agreed to a football rather than his coveted BB gun.  She had to get back on Santa's lap to make sure he knew what she wanted.

Now she's a happy girlie

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