Sunday, August 26, 2012

Kindergarten Ready

Oliver  can cut with scissors, count to 20, dress himself, zip, snap, button, talk in sentences, draw stick figures, prints name, identifies at least 10 colors, balances on one foot, walks backwards/frontwards,sideways, climbs, hops, jump on one foot, skips,runs, climbs, draws a straight line, holds a crayon/pencil, can put a puzzle together, rides a tricycle (and big boy bike), holds a book and can turn the pages one at a time, retells and makes up stories, bounces a ball, listens to directions (most the time), recognizes authority, sorts objects by color, shape, size, blows his own nose and bum, knows positions like up, down, in ,out, below, above, high, low, near, and far. His Kindergarten Readiness Checklist just had one little hurdle that he conquered this week and now he is ReAdY FoR KinDerGarTen so watch out. Yep, he learned to tie his own shoes. Wahoo!


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  1. He showed me his new skill while we were in primary. He was so proud!