Tuesday, November 6, 2012


This morning I woke up feeling so blessed to live in a nation, where we the people have the freedom, right, privilege, and honor to vote. There are so many men and women who have risked and have sacrificed their lives for us to have this freedom. By not voting, it would be like throwing this blessing away. I am thankful to live in a country that is governed by the leader the people choose, even if the winner is not always my choice.

One Nation, Under God, Indivisible, and Justice For All.

Although we may not always agree with who is re-elected for office, I think it is important for us to support our leaders if we want to be a country that is united. We can spend our moments complaining and finding faults with the system and who won, but it is time wasted in vein.  Time could truly be better spent on our knees praying to our Father in Heaven for the leaders of our country, that this  land of promise will prosper again. Pray that our leaders will be guided like the great founding fathers of our country, like George Washington
When Stephen Douglas lost to Abraham Lincoln he said (and I echo his voice) "Partisan feeling must yield to patriotism. I am with you Mr President, and God bless you."



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