Monday, August 19, 2013

Glacier Adventure

So I have been zonked with packing, cleaning, sorting, packing, cleaning, and house hunting
for our next chapter in life. When the hubby had a couple of days home I told him we needed to spend some time as a family somewhere close and affordable to get away from the stress for a couple of days. I snagged the last hotel room in Kalispell for the weekend and off we went. Just before Libby Montana our check engine light came on. We drove to the parts store to use the tool that reads the check engine codes and it came up electrical. They called a mechanic that was close by- he said he wasn't going to answer the phone because it was his wife's birthday and was trying to get out but something told him to answer it. He came down and checked it out for a couple hours then told Chris he wasn't going to be able to fix it for a day or so. He said we could either stay in Libby or take his extra van and go enjoy Glacier. Our rooms were non- refundable because I got them so late and so with a lot of trust both ways we left our van with a complete stranger and loaded our family up in a complete stranger's van and were off on an adventure. So much for getting away " to relax".  Chris and I worried the entire time about how much $ and if our van was going to be able to be fixed. But  Glacier was absolutely gorgeous and stunning.
 ( we only ended up with one day - one very full day at Glacier after all the car problems
but took enough pics to drain both my camera and cell phone batteries)


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