Thursday, June 13, 2013

"Up" Movie night

To kick off summer we had an "Up" themed movie night. Because summer quickly goes up up and away with the blink of an eye.


(filled with popcorn)


Made journals for the littles to record all their "summer"
adventures in

 Everyone put a penny in the "Paradise Falls" jar and made a wish
for something they wanted to do this summer
 Made "UP" houses out of cardboard boxes and balloons
the littles sat in their houses
during the movie


 One way tickets to Venezuela
Paradise Falls

 Littles earned badges for doing
the different activites of the evening
 Made "UP" house with
fingerpaint balloons

Hope your summer is full of lots
 of adventure whether you travel or
stay in your own backyard!
Adventure Is Out There!
Adventure Awaits!

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