Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Worth More Than Gold

"Happily Ever After is NOT something found only in Fairy Tales. You are a princess, destined to become a Queen. Your own Wondrous story has already begun. Your Once Upon a Time is NOW!!
Dieter E. Uchtdorf"
The boys went up to the woods for a fathers/sons campout. So the girls and I did a girls night- emphasizing their worth more than gold and that their fairy tales have already begun. Today is the day to begin acting like true princess.

 Save your kisses- don't kiss every frog prince that comes along
 Prince Charmings come in all shapes and sizes- it's what's inside
that counts-
 You are worth more than gold!!

To remind them to always think good thoughts

We made lip gloss to remind them to
always speak kind words

We did manicures to remind them to
use their hands to help and serve others as a true princess
 We also did facials to remind them
to always keep their faces towards the "son"
of course it wouln't be a girls night without watching a princess show


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