Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Filling our Days....

What do stay at home mommies do to fill their preschooler's day while the big kids are at school
(besides laundry, cleaning, organizing, shopping, laundry, cleaning, and more laundry)
We learn about the world we live in 

                                                               We learn to love

We explore
                                                       Splash in the rain puddles

                                                                 Read lots of books

Chase Rainbows

                                                                    Bake treats

Visit the library

Get dinner ready

Learn to be a true princess
who can feel even a little pea

Sometimes someone gets a nap in

Watch for the "big kids" to come home

Keep a look out for poisoned apples and witches

We learn to share

We grow and reach high

Go to the doctor to keep healthy and strong

We do lots of "Super" market shopping

Chase choo choo trains

Learn to write words
I wouldn't spend my days any other way

1 comment:

  1. Your the best mommy iIknow. Our family is so blessed because of you!