Thursday, January 16, 2014

Spy Birthday Party

For India's 9th birthday we decided to do something simple but with a fun theme of course. We decided to do a spy/scavenger hunt throughout our town. She invited as many girls as we had seats in the van for...secret mission invitations were mailed out and girls were instructed to meet at spy headquarters at 16:00

Background checks and secret agent names were first created
Then agents added a little "bling" to their spy glasses

Deactivated a few explosives from going Kaboom
(filled balloons with prizes- girls stomped out the "explosives")
Spy Kits Were Handed Out
Pop Rocks ( Highly Explosive)
Spy Notebooks
Eyeball bubbles (keep your eyes open for clues)
Spy Notebooks
Spy Disguises
Magnify Glasses
Truth Serum Pills( candy in pill containers)
Lots of Spy food before our mission
Clueless Chips
Hot on the Trail (mix)
Mystery Chocolates
TNT (licorice)
Truth Serum Drinks

The girls secret agent mission was to solve the clues
which lead them all over town to their final destination
1.The town "piggy bank" ( bank)
2. I am hidden somewhere quiet where people are purely bones (graveyard)
3. Take the key and lock them away, here's where they used to stay (old city jail)
4. 2 words with thousands of letters in it (post office)
5. If your dog or cat have a broken bone or this and that bring them to this place, they will help solve their case (vet)
6. This game is getting shorter. At this place you get a cool treat for a quarter (ice-cream deli)
7.Keep it clean, keep it dry, can you guess? Come on just try. (Laundromat)
8. Has a million stories but cannot tell them. Come check it out ( Library)
9. Rathdrum's burning, Rathdrum's burning, Look Out Look Out
Fire, Fire, Fire
Pour on water, our on water
( Fire station)
10. "Ch" in the front, "Ch" in the back, "You Are" in the middle (church)
11. Go, Fight, Win (HS football field)
12. Last One: Share a smile at the Golden Arches (McDonalds for dinner)
(Oct 2013)

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