Tuesday, September 25, 2012

3 candles for Paisley

My sweet little sunshine Paisley turned 3- my very favorite number in the world. I love 3-year old girls- sparkles, pink, dress up, more pink,more sparkles, pretties, and lots of imagination to fuel their days.  Pay Pay is such a little doll. I just adore everything about her. She brings me smiles each and every day. She is a blessing to our sweet home and family. We love you beautiful little lady x0x0x0x
She was so serious about opening her gifts-all business.

Trying to get this new #3 figured out with the fingers
(yep 3rd outfit of the day).
 Making 3-year old wishes and blowing out the pink candles on her pink- frosted, pink cake to go with her pink icecream-

Oli declared that he was jealous of all Paisley's "pink"

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  1. so sweet, sorry we are late with her present it will get there soon! Happy birthday pay pay we love you cutie1