Wednesday, September 5, 2012

1st day of Kindergarten

This little man has been waiting alllllllllll summer for this day. He has had major ants in his pants waiting for the first day of Kindergarten. Today couldn't come fast enough for this cute guy. Me, I was just fine waiting another year to have him home to play and cuddle with and be driven up the wall with, but inevitably they all can't wait for Kindergarten.

 Oliver has such a BIG amount of energy that I often forget how little he really is. I quickly remembered as I followed in his footsteps as he strutted down the hall at school looking for his classroom thinking he was big stuff.  He is such a little guy. You would think by now I would have this emotional sending my littles to Kindergarten stuff under control, nope, I still cry like a baby every time.

The first day of school is only about 30 minutes long. They put away their supplies, meet and greet the teacher, and go on a quick scavenger hunt to learn the layout of the school.

 Oliver and his teacher Mrs. Keifer-

Kindergarten Supply List
1 full size backpack- no wheels
1 dozen Dixon-Ticonderoga Pencils- yellow only
1 pencil box
1 set crayola crayons (Twistables preferred)
1 set broad classic colored markers (crayola)
4 whiteboard markers, skinny, black
2 erasers (pink pearl)
1 box Kleenex
1 pair scissors (Fiskars)
1 bottle Elmers white glue
4 glue sticks (scotch)
1 set watercolors
1 box Ziploc baggies- gallon size

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