Sunday, April 28, 2013


With thousands of runners still on the course, the Boston Marathon had no finish line. Hundreds were injured and 3 lives taken. Images of Boston sidewalks covered in blood were shared with Americans. A day when the only thing that should have been shed was sweat and tears of victory was turned into a day of American history. Flags were lowered as we lowered our heads in prayer.

 We can not control the actions of others but we can chose how we react or act. The thought of Boston's sidewalks being covered in American  blood made my heart drop.  Sidewalks should be for playing, walking, and connecting neighbors. We are thousands of miles from Boston- but we decided to send some love to them with a little sidewalk chalk art- because that is what sidewalks should be covered in- happy rainbows and colorful doodles.


With tragedy so many amazing stories of triumph and challenge arise. Stories of character that inspire us to do better and be grateful for our blessings. Stories that tear at your heart and wish the victims could feel all the love and tears that are being felt for them all over the country. Stories like the dance teacher who had never ran a race before and then lost her legs running her first race in  the Boston Marathon. The littles made lots of cards- hugs to send in the mail to our friends we have never met in Massachusetts.

 A much wiser "Keller" once said:
Although the world is full of suffering,
it is also full of the overcoming of it"
(Helen Keller)

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