Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Sew Fun

My sweet mother taught me many things- especially in the categories of kindness, giving, and simplicity. The department of cooking and sewing weren't her specialties. She grew up well-taken care of as an only daughter and the need to sew wasn't needed for her. She had 7 babies and cooked but wasn't Julia Childs. Some things you can teach yourself like cooking.
Although my momma didn't have us in the kitchen next to her learning secret family recipes, I can cook. No I am no Betty Crocker and cooking isn't "fun" for me but my family doesn't starve.  You boil a pot of noodles for 10 minutes add sauce, meat, mushrooms etc. and voila you made spaghetti. Not so hard.
Sewing on the other hand isn't so easy to teach yourself- trust me I have tried. Have you seen those things they call a simple beginners pattern. There are pages of blue prints- You have to have a little engineer ingenuity to figure those sweeties out.
So now I have this 11-year old dynamo who wants to learn and do everything. Cooking, Sewing, Crocheting, Underwater Sea diving, you name it; she wants to learn it. About the same time her interest in sewing arose, a friend (who is amazing in so many areas in life) was inspired to gather a few girls and form a sewing club once a month.  She won't even take a cent . What a blessing!!! She makes sewing so easy and effortless for Lily- she is an incredible teacher. She taught her how to do a pillowcase- Lily came home and knocked out four more. She has done a couple of skirts as well.
Lily was bored and wanted to sew something new. I knew I was going to have to assist a little- even though she knows more about sewing than I do. We found the cutest tutorial for some little Easter bunnies that were similar to pillowcases. She was up buzzing and cutting away till 12:30 in the morning. She made eight little bunnies to give away. So grateful someone has taken the time to share their talent with my sweet Lily and am thankful she will have this skill to pass on to her sweet children. Thank- you Leslie!!

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