Thursday, April 11, 2013

Sights and Sounds of Seattle

 The city is a fun and exciting place to visit with 6 littles. An adventure awaits you behind every corner. It is a fantastic place to visit but I can't imagine living there- too much hustle and bustle.
It's a bird it's a plane its' . .  .
Of course we had to make a quick stop at the ever sticky bubblegum wall
 This guy is  totally pulling the same face as Oliver without even knowing it- Oliver's grown-up twin in Seattle

Everything tastes better on a stick
 Refuge from the rain

We didn't have a lot of $- so we found lots of simple and inexpensive things to find joy in at Seattle- A two minute ride on the monarail was a blast for littles who had never been on one.
 Seattle Temple

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